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Bloubaai Coastal Hiking Trail

The Bloubaai Coastal Hiking Trail is scenically one of the most attractive coastal hiking trails open to the public in South Africa. This breathtaking trail wind through Fynbos, magical coastal forest, along the rocky shoreline of the Indian Ocean and even a short section of Pine Plantation can be experienced.

A large section of the trail takes hikers along the rocky coastline of the Tsitsikamma making the trail technically challenging. Hikers should bring along a towel and swimsuits to enjoy the natural rock pool on warm days. The Bloubaai hiking trail should not be rushed but rather explored at a leisurely pace to ensure you have enough time to experience this wonderful trail.

This dramatic landscape requires a moderate level of skill and fitness from hikers. The total distance of the trail is 5.2 kilometres and the recommended time for the trail is 4 to 5 hours. The trail ranges from easy to moderately strenuous.

PLEASE NOTE: adleast 2 to 3 days in booking in advance.

AND it is a guided tour as per contract with SANPARK. Non negotiable

(Open and running.)

Elands River Coastal Hiking Trail

The Elands River Coastal Hiking trail may be challenging but is one of the most scenically attractive and dramatically rugged one day hiking trails open to the public in South Africa; A trail not to be missed by any hiker visiting the Garden Route or Tsitsikkamma.

There are two obstacles on the route where ladders or chains are supplied to assist hikers cross challenging rocky areas. This obstacle ads a bit of adventure to this wonderful trail making it more than just another hiking trail setting it apart from mall the hiking trails currently on offer on the Garden Route.

The total distance of the Elands River Coastal Hiking trail is 5.9 kilometres and the recommended walking time/hike duration is 4 to 5 hours. The trail is moderately strenuous with exposure in places. The trail is a “world class” day walk and suitable for groups no larger than 12 people.

(Open and running.)