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    Team Building

Team Building

Hereby invite you to a new form of team building. It is all about having fun. Not your average teambuilding exercises, which we all came to experience. Away with formal corporate events. Situated in the heart of the Tsitsikamma, surrounded by nature, you will experience our local hospitality and homemade food at a very reasonable price. It is all about having fun, fun and lots of laughter!!!!

The definition of teambuilding as explained in the online business dictionary is:

  • Philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers.
  • Ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form a team that stays together, works together, and achieves together. 

    Companies use teambuilding exercises for different reasons? to improve communication, to boost morale, to motivate, to learn effective strategies, to improve productivity, to learn about ones strengths and weaknesses and much more, including ice breakers to help get to know each other better. At Cadeau Hiking Trail and Accommodation we want to give a new twist to the traditional way of building effective and efficient teams - to improve your team, your business, or your company.  To make it exciting and fun for everyone in your team.


Our motto for teambuilding at Cadeau Hiking and Accommodation CC is:

To bring together a team of individuals by finding ways to enjoy each other’s company, to understand how everyone thinks and together, generate a new energized team spirit where a group of individuals change in to a team that will stand together, succeed and excel at anything that comes their way.

That is mos GEES!!!! The real team spirit.

We come from different cultures, backgrounds and perceptions.  As individuals, we have to learn and understand the person next to me to turn into a successful team.  This is an integral part of teambuilding.  By understanding how my colleague thinks, what my colleague thinks, we can build a fire out of nothing. We would like to show you our traditional way of building teams full of energy and determination to take on any challenge thrown at them using Boeresport activities, relaxing and forgetting about work in order to sharpen your focus that when you go back to the office, you are united and driven to commit as a team to make a success of your office or business or company.

Come and relax and enjoy our beautiful nature, accommodation, homemade food and hospitality, hike along the coast and enjoy the beauty of the peace, the stillness of the night, the sounds of nature and recharge your batteries so that when you leave Cadeau www.gardenroutehikingtrail.co.za your will feel that you have received the gift www.gardenroutehikingtrail.co.za of nature to go forward and build your dream, make your business or your company a success. Or if you want to be alone and do self-reflection, you are more than welcome to enjoy our indigenous short hike where you could do some soul searching by following the thoughts written by 

Here is what you can do and have fun building a strong team:

  • Hike as a group and do various teambuilding exercises along the coast.
  • Boersport like we used to do it in the old days, i.e. eier hardloop, driebeen resies, sak resies, etc.
  • Cooking competitions where colleagues cook in teams together against each other?
  • Dancing and singing competition. And LOTS, LOTS of other fun.

There are only THREE rules in every exercise:

Create lots of energy, laugh a lot and become a team!  

We can help you develop a programme around your needs (whether it is big or small) to make your team stronger, more successful, more efficient and more effective.

We are ready for small groups or groups up to 20 or more.