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Adventure Trails

Guided Hikes

These breath-taking trails wind through Fynbos, magical coastal forest, along the rocky shoreline of the Indian Ocean in the Tsitsikamma National Park and a short section of Pine plantation can be experienced. The location of the trails promises hikers only the best hiking experience.

On each of our Trails there is a steep decent to the coastline and at the end of the hike a seemingly never-ending climb back to the top.

A large section of the trail takes hikers along the rocky coastline of the Tsitsikamma Forest making the trail technically challenging. There are lots of loose rocks, rock hopping and ups and downs to negotiate. Also if heights, narrow paths, wooden ladders and bridges are not your cup of tea this is not the hiking trail for you. But if that sounds like the adventure you would like, we promise our hikers a world class hiking experience.

This dramatic landscape requires a moderate level of skill and fitness from hikers. Hikers with joint or back problems should consult their doctors before booking the trail.


Trail Difficulty

Cadeau Hiking Trails are classed Grade 3.

Grading a hike correctly is very important. If a hike is more difficult than advertised, it will lead to discomfort and possibly danger for members of the party who cannot take the pace or manage the level of difficulty.

In the detailed Tables, grades are based on technical difficulty. Hike grade categories 0 to 4 are determined by the most difficult section of the hike, which may be quite short. Where relevant, height gain and/or expected duration (distance) give an idea of the level of fitness required to complete the hike comfortably.


Hiker Safety

When doing a Garden Route hiking trail, one should become self-reliant by learning about the terrain and trail conditions (Get and keep at least two maps of the trail during the hike).


Hiking Information

Starting times for the trails will vary between 8H00 and 10H00 depending on the high and low tides of the ocean.

Hikers should please wear suitable shoes preferably hiking boots which supports your ankles.

Hikers should also bring along a towel and swimsuit to enjoy the natural rock pools on warm days.


Fauna & Flora

The indigenous forests of the Southern Cape are the largest complex of natural, closed canopy forest in the Southern African region. At a glance, these forests are similar in structure to the classical rain forests of the equatorial regions - they have that “jungle –like” appearance. This is where the similarity ends.